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Boxer Combos for men

Looking for something more comfortable to slip into after a long day at work? You’ve come to the
right place! We’ve got a variety of boxers, singles, and combos that will give you the (secret) boost of confidence you’ll need.

Tis the season for a change

This monsoon season, treat your bottom to the epitome of comfort. With heat, humidity, and the changing season, it’s time to give your innerwear collection a bit of a shuffle. Our cotton boxers have been designed to help you weather every obstacle, come rain or shine. We’ve designed boxers keeping in mind the latest trends so you’re always a step ahead of everyone else. Boxers are a must-have in every wardrobe. And what’s better than one pair of boxers? A combo of boxers! They are no longer simply ‘innerwear’ but have made a wonderful transition into being a style statement. Since people are switching from tight briefs, we present to you an incredible collection of boxers you sure will love. You can check out the styles that suit you the best from our
collection of boxers.

Trendy collection of boxers just for you

Boring boxers are a thing of the past. Now, it’s all about quirky prints and funny prints that are available online. So, what are the various styles that we have? If you’re in the sea state of mind, ride that wave and get the palm tree printed boxers. You will start feeling the cool sea breeze right away, a true story. We’ve also got sharks and starfish printed boxers so you can feel closer to the sea.
Feeling one with nature? We’ve got you! Get the tree-printed blue cotton boxer combo right now!
You thought we were done? Not even close. We also have tribal prints, abstract prints, sports prints, and more.

Why choose boxers from Underjeans by Spykar?

Well, why not? Our boxers are made from the most premium quality cotton and crafted in a way to give you comfort for days. With a soft waistband that won’t leave any uncomfortable marks, these will give you support, unlike anything you’ve ever worn.
Underjeans by Spykar’s collection spans multiple best-quality products. You can buy sweatshirts, tshirts, trackpants, briefs, pyjamas, socks, and more. Shop for trendy products online and give your wardrobe a much-needed makeover.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are boxers better?

Yes. Boxers are better than briefs as they are looser and allow breathing space for your nether region. It also contributes to a higher sperm count than briefs.

2. How should the boxers fit?

Boxers should neither be too tight nor too loose. They should be somewhere in the middle. They should ideally fit in a way that it feels like a second skin.

3. How do I choose boxers?
First, choose the design you love. Then, pick a comfortable pair of boxers. It shouldn’t bunch up or shift or make you uncomfortable in the long pants that you wear as you go about your day. It should be light and made of breathable fabric.