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The perfect mid-way between men’s boxers and men’s briefs, trunks are the way to go if you’re ever confused between the two. Its longer length and a snug fit give you the best of both worlds.

Why Trunks?

If you’re on the shorter side, trunks can make your legs look leaner and perfectly accentuate your thighs. Trunks stay where they are. They don’t ride up unnecessarily when you’re running around all day or performing any activity. Whether you’re playing a sport, trunks for men are the way to go. They also protect your thighs from getting chafed when you’re doing your regular activities.

Another advantage of wearing the best trunks is that they fit well under any outfit- be it shorts, jeans, or trousers. All you have to do is select from a wide range of designs that are available on our website.

Crafted with care, designer trunks can give you the confidence boost you need. Don’t let uncomfortable underwear stop you from going on an adventure. So choose the most stylish trunks that suit your mood and simply go for it.

What designs do we offer?

When creating trunks for men, we considered every occasion you would want to wear them for, we’ve got designs for everyone. Abstract designs, chequered designs, quirky prints, or simply solids, we’ve got them all. Our trunks have been made from incredibly breathable fabric simply perfect for you.

Want to make heads turn as soon as you walk into a room? Select a pair of funky trunks that give you the confidence boost, choose classy black trousers, and a light blue shirt, and finish the look with a blazer.

Why choose Underjeans by Spykar? Underjeans by Spykar has crafted trunks keeping in mind every body size and body type. Best trunks for men have been designed with a soft waistband designed to leave no marks, the flatlock seams to ensure there’s no itching, and the contoured soft pouch so everything fits snugly and doesn’t move where it shouldn’t. So what are you waiting for? Buy trunks for men online now! You can check out our other product such as t-shirts, track pants, sweatshirts, socks, vests, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between trunks and boxers?

Trunks and boxers are both long underwear. The main difference is in their length. Trunks start at the waist and finish right near the thigh. Boxers on the other hand are longer and loose-fit than trunks. Trunks are more versatile than boxers.

Which underwear is better while sleeping?

It depends on what you prefer. Some men prefer the support and fit of the trunks while some men prefer a looser fit and the breathability factor of the boxers for more ventilation.

Can I wear trunks only under jeans?

The versatility of the trunks makes them perfect to wear under shorts, jeans, trousers, and more. The choice is all yours.