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Lounge in Style: Discover Our Men's Comfort Classics

Men's loungewear is the perfect example of "where comfort meets style in the most blissful union imaginable". Just imagine " you've had a long day and all you want to do is kick back, relax and unwind. Well, that's where UnderJeans's collection of loungewear for men comes into play.

The collection is perfect for lazy Sundays to days when you feel like binge-watching your favourite shows to cosy evenings curled up with a good book. Our men's loungewear range is designed to be your ultimate companion in relaxation. 

Styles you can shop from the UnderJeans men's loungewear collection. 

The collection offers a wide range of men's boxers, pyjamas, shorts for men and trackpants. The fabrics used for crafting each style provide you with a slice of comfort and fashion. Along with that, you can shop for your favourite pair in your beloved hue. 

Styles like pyjamas and trackpants enhance your physique effortlessly. Hence, you can wear them anywhere.

Sizes available:

Men's loungewear collection has been crafted in sizes such as Small, Medium, Large and XLarge. 

How to take care of men's loungewear?

Ah, loungewear - the unsung hero of solace, the knight in soft cotton armour, the chosen attire of champions in the art of relaxation. But wait! Before you plunge headfirst into that laundry escapade, let's unravel the mysteries of washing your cherished loungewear collection with style and finesse.

Step 1: Know Thy Fabric

First things first, familiarize yourself with the fabric of your loungewear for men. Is it a majestic blend of cotton and polyester? Or perhaps it's the divine touch of bamboo fabric against your skin? Whatever it may be, check the label for clues on its composition. This is your map to laundering success!

Step 2: Sort Like a Procrastinating Prodigy

Now, channel your inner sorting hat and separate your men's loungewear into piles worthy of their kingdoms. Lights, darks, and the enigmatic realm of "I'll wash it later" - each deserves its throne. Keep those colours in line, my friend, for a royal wash awaits!

Step 3: Embrace the Sudsy Symphony

It's time to unleash the cleansing orchestra! Select a detergent of noble repute and let the washing machine roar to life. But ah, remember: moderation is key! Too much detergent and you'll be wading through a sea of suds fit for a bubble bath, not a laundry day.

Step 4: Temperature Tango

Will you opt for the fiery embrace of hot water, or the cool caress of its polar opposite? Consult thy garment's label, dear washer of loungewear, for therein lies the wisdom of the ages. Fear not the choreographic complexities; simply follow the steps with grace and confidence.

Step 5: Dry with Delight

As the final act draws near, prepare to dry your freshly cleansed loungewear with the utmost care. Will you bask in the warm embrace of the dryer, or air dry beneath the benevolent gaze of the sun? The choice is yours, dear launderer, but heed this warning: excessive heat may shrink your garments to miniature proportions, fit only for the tiniest of teddy bears.

Step 6: Fold, Fold, and Flourish

Behold your freshly laundered loungewear, gleaming like treasures unearthed from the depths of a forgotten wardrobe. With a flourish of finesse, fold each piece with love and reverence, for they have journeyed with you through the trials of sloth and serenity.

So go ahead, and treat yourself to a little slice of comfort and style with UnderJeans men’s loungewear collection. Because let's face it - life is too short to wear anything less than fabulous, even when you're just lounging around.

Where to shop?

Shop these ultra-comfy and classic pairs of loungewear from UnderJeans official website.