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A humble pair of garments that was introduced to the entire world by India, pyjamas have become the face (or the bottom) of comfort. Initially, pajamas were worn under a kurta on festive occasions. They were soon converted into bottom wear men and women could wear to relax in.

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Why should you choose pajama designs from our website?

  1. For that stylish look

If you think these online pyjamas are just to wear at home, we hate to break it to you, but you’re still living under a rock. The era of casual wear is upon us. After years of smart formal wear’s time in the limelight, we believe it’s time for loungewear to shine. Pair your stylish pair of pyjamas with any of the funky tees from our website and you will be the fly-est person and make heads turn.

  1. The comfort is unmatched

Fashion is now all about how comfortable you are. Pyjamas for men offer you the best comfort plus a bit of edge in your style.

We know you love to wear boxers to bed. But what about on those rainy days or winter days when it gets a tad bit too cold? That’s where the pyjamas come in. Imagine them to be slightly longer boxers with an equal amount of coziness. Made from premium cotton, they feel so soft against your skin

that you will instantly sleep like a baby. And that’s what we all want after a long day of adulting, right? No? Just us? Okay.

  1. The versatility of designs

Our designers wanted to create something unique, something special. So, we went ahead and

created the coolest designs you can find on the web. You will find quirky prints that you won’t get anywhere else. Since ‘tis the season of not wearing boxers to bed, why not stock up your wardrobe with the best-printed cotton pyjamas available online? Always keep an extra set of pyjamas stocked up in your closet for rainy days, figuratively and literally. Go on. Order them. We’ll wait.

Why choose Underjeans by Spykar?

We constantly release newer designs for pyjama enthusiasts like you. Underjeans by Spykar pyjamas are made from 100% cotton woven fabric with breathable fabric and a soft feel. We also provide a patch pocket and a zippered pocket.

Oh, and that’s not all. We also have a collection of products like t-shirts, sweatshirts, trackpants, socks, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are pyjamas and trousers the same?

No. Pyjamas and trousers are not the same. There are two types of pyjamas- one that you wear at home, and one that you wear on festive days. The ones to wear at home are made from breathable fabric like cotton or silk. Choose which ones suit you the best.

  1. Why should I wear pyjamas?

Pyjamas offer the best type of comfort while sleeping. You can always wear stylish pajamas to help you stand out from the crowd.

  1. What size pyjamas should I wear?

If you’re wearing them as festive wear, make sure they’re form-fitting. If you’re wearing them as nightwear, go for a bigger size since they’re supposed to give you comfort.