Collection: Briefs- Combos

Brief Combos for men

What do you get when you combine support and style? Briefs, of course! Having a good collection of briefs is a must for every man. Only with the right kind of support, can you go a really long way.

Briefs for men offer a versatility that other underwear just doesn’t have. They are great to wear under any type of pants- long or short.

Why should boxers have all the fun?

Boxers or briefs? We believe that should never be the question. Every type of innerwear has its place in your wardrobe. The time when these were considered to be just a necessity is long gone. Briefs have very much become a style statement. From simple solids to quirky prints, equip yourself with every type of brief.

What types of briefs for men are available online?

There are numerous types of briefs you can choose from. You don’t have to restrict yourself from selecting just one type. That’s why we have come up with brief combos. You can buy combo packs of briefs so you can mix and match the designs. If you’re more of a vintage lover, we have a pack of checks designs in maroon, black, orange, or white color. Go for more classic colors like maroon and black or a trio of black, yellow, or maroon.

If you’re more into sexy solids, don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Literally. You could buy a pack of black and red briefs or go for navy blue and white cotton blend briefs. There are other solid colors you can choose from like green, grey, or black-orange briefs.

Now, those are not the only packs we have. If you’re into trendy prints, we have them in our collection as well. Light the fighter spirit in you with a pack of camouflage briefs available exclusively on our website. Other prints in our collection include parachute prints, abstract prints, typographical prints, and more.

Why choose brief combos from Underjeans by Spykar?

After extensive research, we’ve produced the best-quality briefs for men. The premium cotton allows you to be comfortable and support you throughout your day whether you’re working out or working in the office. The soft waistband leaves no marks and has flat seams for added comfort. The leg bands don’t ride up and the material ensures there is no itching, irritation, or chafing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are briefs popular?

Briefs offer tighter support on your front pouch as you go about your day. They give you more freedom to move because of the open cut.

  1. Which underwear should I wear while working out?

It all comes down to personal preference while working out. If you’re looking for more support and freedom of motion, go ahead and wear briefs while working out.

  1. Where can I buy briefs online?
You can buy the best briefs online on Underjeans by Spykar as they offer premium quality, amazing prints, and combos of briefs.