Going Commando"? You can't be serious!

Going Commando"? You can't be serious!

   Are you serious? 

       Going commando is what you are planning to do?

Trust us, it's a terrible idea! Just because it sounds fancy and some men feel comfortable doing it, doesn't mean it's safe and secure. Not wearing your mens underwear provide a liberating feeling, however, it comes with cons like skin chafing, and rashes because your skin remains in direct contact with the fabric of your clothing. 

Another biggest reason for not ditching your men's underwear is "MORE LAUNDRY". As far as we know, men are not fond of washing clothes and if you are an exception, buddy, go ahead with the concept of going commando!


Wearing mens underwear is a win-win situation!

There is no question about it! Be it supporting your manhood or keeping you comfortable all day long, underwear for men is capable of doing everything. 

Underwear for men provides great protection

Whether you prefer wearing men's briefs or boxer briefs, regardless of the style you choose, protection is guaranteed.  The pouch element and the coverage offered ensures that your genitals get the right support.

Going commando can lead to issues like rubbing, chafing, pinching or general discomfort. However, switching to the right pair can surely reduce such issues.

Men's underwear is comfortable

Undoubtedly, going commando gives you the freedom to move and dance WITHOUT ANY RESTRICTION. However, such freedom comes with risk as well. And, you know that very well!

Wearing the right pair of men's underwear can lend you comfort and that too without any health issues. When you opt for breathable, soft and clean undies, you feel more confident and less stressed about adjusting your innerwear. And, when you shop from UnderJeans, well, we don't even have to make you understand how great you feel in them. Don't believe us? Shop today.

No more embarrassing moments!

Wearing a pair of men's underwear can save you from getting embarrassed in front of thousands of people and even in front of your crush.

Men's innerwear acts as a barrier between the genitals and outer clothing that prevents the spread of bacteria and other germs. Since you need to be in your innerwear all day long, it's important that whichever style you choose, briefs, boxer briefs or men's trunks, they should be crafted from premium fabric. 

A better quality innerwear lets your skin stay at ease and prevents moisture. Moreover, it reduces friction and other risks of skin infections. 

Now, when you are convinced to stick to wearing underwear, it's high time to know which pairs to shop for your everyday solace. 

5 best pairs to shop from UnderJeans

  1. Cotton Blend Brief- 

UnderJeans premium cotton blend brief underwear for men surely deserves a space in your closet. It's comfy, snug-fitted and ideal for everyday activities.

Crafted from a cotton blend, the wearer gets to experience better breathability and stretchability. The broad and soft waistband leaves no marks.


  1. Cotton Blend Trunk

Though the male trunk seems old-fashioned, but UnderJeans premium cotton blended trunk deserves a place in your drawer. It features stylish prints that match the young and quirky attitude. Hence, you can roam around the house when you are alone, wearing this with a casual t-shirt. 

The leg band doesn't ride up and the contoured front pouch and snug fit lends fantastic support, keeping everything in place. 


3. Micromodal Trunks

Level up your men's trunk game with UnderJeans micro modal trunk underwear. The balanced blend of micromodal and spandex lends a comfy feel to the wearer. Furthermore, the contoured pouch and leg bands lend a clean look down there. 

Worried about itching, chafing or irritation? Thanks to the flat-lock seams used in the style.


  1. Super Premium Bonded Elastic Trunk

This style is one of our favourites. We mean, just look at those cute printed characters! And, besides quirky print, it comes with great features like light and soft material. Furthermore, the bonded waistline and hemline enhance the extra comfort.

The metallic colour on the waistband grabs the attention everytime you pair it with a casual t-shirt.  


5. Cotton Blend Printed Trunk

Featuring a stylish and quirky blue cotton blend, this printed trunk offers premium quality. It comes with a contoured front pouch that keeps everything comfortably in place. On the other hand, snug-fit lends great support all day long. The soft broad waistband leaves no marks. 

Underwear styles for men need to be hand-washed with cold water. Washing techniques like bleaching, tumble drying and ironing are not required. 

Hope, you guys are not doing that!

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