Ditching men's briefs because of rumours can be harmful!

Ditching men's briefs because of rumours can be harmful!

Just because you heard or read negative reviews about men's briefs doesn't mean you will reject the style and will throw all your favourite pairs out of your closet. Before coming to any conclusion young man, you need to go through our blog.

Why do men still believe "they are made for briefs"?

Ever since its inception in the 1930s, briefs for men have been one of the widely trusted and popular styles among the male population. Briefs offer a snug fit to the wearer and are the practical alternative to boxer shorts. Style-like boxers often ride up which leads to uneasiness whereas the form-fitting of style feature high cuts that remained in the correct position.
Just like humans, no style of men's underwear is perfect. Each pair comes with some pros and cons and men's briefs are no different. Here, are some myths about briefs and the truth behind them.

Myths about men's brief underwear

Myth 1: Briefs for men can lead to sticking and squashing

Reality: Men's briefs are designed in a manner that your manhood stays close to your body which leads to squashing. But this underwear style is now made with a much more anatomical pouch because of changes in technology, and the demands of the male population.
The contemporary skivvies include a contouring pouch that effortlessly pulls the junk together while keeping it out of the way of the body. Long story short, male briefs are comfortable unless you opt incorrect size. Therefore, it's always recommended to look for knickers with the right fit so that your manhood can take a deep breath and relax.

Myth 2: Opting for men's briefs lowers the fertility of the wearer

Reality: One of the most pervasive myths of all time is this one. Men wearing tight men's briefs are allegedly less likely to produce sperm, which can result in infertility and other problems.
You are kidding, right? Studies have shown that innerwear that is too tight can squash manhood. The abrasion raises the heat as well as the warmth of the testicles while lowering the sperm count. This fact is not just limited to briefs, any type of bottom wear can cause this.

Myth 3: Choose boxer briefs over briefs for better support

Reality: Boxer briefs and men's brief underwear cannot be compared. Both styles are unique and worn on different occasions. Speaking of boxer briefs, it is a combination of both boxers and briefs. So, if you want to switch to boxer briefs, don't do that just for the sake of the right support.

Male briefs can offer equal support and great fit if you opt for the pair which is of your size.
Now, that you know the myths about briefs, it's time to get well-versed in the benefits which you can experience from this style of men's underwear.

1. Briefs for men support where it counts

One of the biggest reasons to stick to this classic pair of underwear is "SUPPORT". Briefs, the classic style of underwear is ideal for a man who lives an active lifestyle. Whether you are an avid sports player or, a gym goer, you can surely trust the silhouette and assistance.

2. Summer-approved underwear style for men

With little fabric coverage, briefs for men are capable of providing an adequate amount of support to your manhood. This style sits comfortably on your lower bottom, simply concealing your buttocks and crotch, and does not extend below.

3. Say goodbye to chafing

Brief underwear for men keeps you safe all day long and even protects your inner skin against chafing. This style assists you in avoiding unwelcome chafing from your pants because they keep you cooler and don't have any fabric on your legs that could become damp or bunch up.

4. Brief underwear for men is easy to maintain

Briefs are incredibly simple to wear and wash as well. Even the most lazy people may easily take care of these tiny clothes, which promotes good hygiene. With a clean pair readily available, one may keep clean and presentable every day.

Bonus Benefit

You get to flaunt your assets

If you got a killer body and looking for a pair of men's underwear that can effortlessly enhance your assets, look no further when you already have the right style of underwear in your closet.

Why switching to UnderJeans men's briefs is a good idea?

We at UnderJeans understand the importance of premium quality underwear styles. We comprehend the need of investing in superior-quality male underwear to promote breathability. Therefore, we utilize skin-friendly fabrics such as modal, bamboo and cotton to design all styles of skivvies.

Summing up

For all the fashionistas out there, a pair of men's briefs are the most practical item of knickers. Men's brief underwear is a foolproof way to avoid awkward situations and maintain your manhood.
Look around for the one that gives you the best combination of appearance and solace and for that, check out the wide collection of UnderJeans premium briefs range.

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