3 Types of Underwear That Are Best For Men In 2022!

JULY 25, 2022


Men's underwear is often overlooked! It’s a shame because men's underwear is an essential part of any man's wardrobe. 

While underwear may seem like a simple concept for most men, choices are not limited in the world of men's underwear. If your dilemma is to decide between boxers, briefs, and trunks, keep reading.  

Let's start with understanding what the 3 main types of underwear are: 

What Are Boxers?

Boxers are a classic style of men's underwear. They come in various styles and fabrics and offer the comfort of an elastic waistband and loosely fitting material. While boxers don't hold everything in place, the loose fit makes them an ideal choice for breathability and mobility. Boxers are an easy-to-wear piece, yet, they are not preferred for high-intensity activities due to their loose fit.  

What Are Briefs?

Briefs are a short, tighter underwear style that is worn by men and women. These are probably the most popular type of underwear for men, thanks to their ease-of-use and comfort quotient. One of the most classic styles of men's briefs is, of course, tighty-whities. Briefs are highly versatile and offer various levels of coverage.  

 What Are Trunks?

Trunks are a sure hit with their snug fit below the waist to the top of the thigh in a boxy design. They are great for those with a muscular build or those who like their underwear to hold everything in place. While wearing trunks, you can move through your day efficiently, comfortably and confidently, knowing that your underwear is doing everything right.   

  How Should You Decide On Which Style Is Best For You?  

Before you decide on a pair of underwear, consider external factors. Is the weather hot? Will you be exercising or lounging at home? Are you dressing for work or leisure? Your body type and preference will help you decide which underwear best suits your needs.  

Let's compare these 3 styles of men's underwear using the following 3 factors—comfort, function, and appearance. 

Comfort is Key 

Comfort matters most when choosing the right underwear. There should be a no need to tug around or adjust, and most importantly, it shouldn't cut circulation. Boxers provide excellent breathability, but they can pose an issue for higher-intensity activities like sports and workouts. Briefs are ideal for leisurely activities such as gardening or watching TV, but they don't provide enough support for higher-intensity activities like running or jumping. Trunks balance the shortcomings of boxers and briefs by giving great support and enough space for your sensitive zone to breathe. 

When choosing the right pair of underwear, consider which type will work best with your lifestyle—and what activities you'll be doing while wearing them. 

Function Before Everything 

Underwear has several practical uses beyond merely feeling good. It protects your skin from irritation from friction; it keeps everything in its place, so you don't have to worry about it shifting around or falling out. 

Briefs, boxers and trunks provide a layer of protection between your skin and your clothes. Boxers are the most comfortable option because they're made from a thinner fabric. Briefs are great for added support, but they tend to lack coverage. Trunks solve the problem by providing both excellent coverage and minimal chafing.  

Don’t Forget About Appearance 

Little wonder that underwear is one of the most common pieces of clothing in a man's wardrobe, as it makes you feel more comfortable and secure. When choosing your undergarments, however, remember that appearance matters. Boxers and briefs are made from the same material, offering a degree of support for your thighs and lower body. The only difference is that boxers leave your thighs covered while briefs expose them entirely. Briefs come in more options than just black; there are white ones as well as those with patterns or prints on them to give you a unique look. While briefs do not offer much coverage compared to boxers or trunks, they still provide enough protection when you need it most: during physical activity such as running or working out at the gym.  

In the end, each man needs to decide for himself what's right. We don't encourage men to switch to another type of underwear, but we have laid out the differences between these 3 items in this article. Hopefully, you will now have enough information to make an informed decision. 


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